A Profound Old New Idea

Dr. Montessori developed a method based on a profound old new idea

Education the Montessori Way

Montessori Education is a whole child approach to learning that uses natural learning styles, natural development, and the individual’s desire to learn in order to facilitate education.

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Dr. Maria Montessori: Her New Method

Dr. Maria Montessori with students

Observation to Practice

Dr. Maria Montessori spent time observing children’s natural development and how they learn. From this observation came the Montessori Method – learning based on environment and natural development.

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The Whole Child Approach

Montessori education is a whole child approach

Learning Tailored to the Child

Montessori education is also known as the whole child developmental approach to learning. This style of education focuses on teaching a child how to learn and how to function in the world at large.

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Montessori Prepared Environment

Montessori classroom layout and Montessori Materials are part of the prepared environment

The Montessori Classroom and Materials

A Montessori classroom is designed specifically for learning as are the materials children use daily. Tasks and materials focus on developing one skill at a time. Once a skill is mastered, more can be added to it.

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What Experts Say About Montessori

Experts talk about Montessori education

About Montessori Students and the Montessori Mafia

Montessori students have gained the reputation throughout the world as innovators. See what experts have to say about Montessori Education and about what students of the Montessori Method have done.

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Famous Montessori Students

Famous people with a Montessori education

Students of the Montessori Method that Made it Big

A number of Montessori students have gone on to be giants in the tech world, actors and actresses, inventors, and even royalty are among Montessori alum. Take a look at some of Montessori’s most famous students.

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