Education the Montessori Way

The Montessori Method – A Profound Old New Idea

First put into practice over 100 years ago, Dr. Montessori’s ideas are profoundly relevant and applicable in today’s world.

Dr. Montessori opened her school in 1907, where she refined the methods that became the Montessori Education.

Montessori Education is founded on the observation that learning is a natural human impulse and a life-affirming source of immense pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment.

Therefore, the educator’s role is to nurture the child’s innate curiosity and creativity. Dr. Maria Montessori called her approach the Whole Child Development method, and it is the basis for how we teach academics, music, arts, and physical development.

Montessori Prepares Children for Life

The remarkable achievements of legions of Montessori graduates around the world, in every field of endeavor, are a testimony to its effectiveness. As Dr. Montessori noted, the goal of a Montessori Education is to “prepare children for life”. Montessori Education aims to instill the skills and confidence to navigate complex relationships, embrace diversity, and face challenges with creativity and optimism.

Rather than just perform well on the next test or entrance exam, Montessori Education aims to give the child the tools to pitch a start-up, lead research teams, pursue justice in the high courts, and otherwise become agents of change.