Welcome to Butler

The Montessori Way

Welcome to Butler Montessori! As Head of School, I am inspired by the opportunity to fulfill the unique mission of Butler Montessori, which is guided by the work and writings of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870–1952). At its core, our philosophy is simple: Follow the child.

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In The Beginning

In the 1960s, a re-discovery of Dr. Maria Montessori’s revolutionary approach to child development spread across the United States. Rilla Spellman, founder of Butler Montessori, was among the first wave of educators who embraced Dr. Montessori’s philosophy.

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Faculty and Staff

The Butler Montessori Family

All of our teachers are certified through the Association Montessori Internationale and hold bachelor’s degrees (or equivalent) from accredited institutions of higher education. They are dedicated to providing students with the best education possible.

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Certified to Educate

Butler Montessori school is accredited through the Association Montessori Internationale, the Maryland State Department of Education, and Association of Independent Schools in Greater Washington. Interested in what these different accreditations mean?

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Cultural Diversity

Diversity Celebrated At Butler Montessori

At Butler Montessori, we encourage and embrace cultural diversity. Students of all backgrounds and cultures are welcome, and embraced. We celebrate our diversity through a number of religious and ethnic events throughout the year.

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Board of Trustees

The staff at Butler Montessori School in Darnestown, MD

Contributing to Butler’s Success

Butler Montessori’s Board of Trustees is a dedicated group of widely talented individuals that are committed to helping the school live up to its mission and continue in its success as a premier Montessori School.

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