Grading & Ranking

Montessori boys working on reportsConventional Approach:

Constant testing is a central feature of contemporary American education. Testing is based on proficiency of skills that can be easily measured.

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Montessori boy works on his math using multiple techniques which improves understanding.

Conventional Approach:

American children are loaded with hours of homework from a young age. The stated goal of homework is to increase proficiency through additional drilling and exercises.

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Class Size

Conventional Approach:

Research shows that a classroom with fewer students improves learning and grades. In teacher-centered instruction, the teacher speaks while students listen, take notes and ask questions.

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Open Space

Montessori girl enjoys fresh airConventional Approach:

Most schools house large numbers of students and are often located in population-dense areas. The average public elementary school in Maryland enrolls approximately 400 students.

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